Competition Prep Coaching

Is fitness modelling for you?  What federation or category suits your look? When's the next show?

We have the answers to all of your questions!

You are in the best hands!  Alicia Gowans is currently find home as a global ambassador & fitness pro diva for the World Beauty Fitness & Fashion (WBFF).  She has had close to a decade of experience in the fitness industry across all the federations including the INBA, ANB, AWNBS, IFBB, winning many Australian titles along the way to finding her place in the WBFF.  Our competition prep process takes you literally all the way from where you currently sit, to the stage.  The process begins with an assessment/correction phase where we identify any current imbalances or injury flags that we correct in consultation with our affiliate physiotherapist guidance, a sculpting of your physique, training you in posing, booking you in for all your stage needs plus guiding & cheering for you on the day!  

We are literally with you every step of the journey with constant 24/7 support and guidance.

Transformation Lifestyle Coaching

Tired of not getting the results you want to see?  Stop wasting time & effort! 

Train and eat the right way.

We are firm believers that transforming your body to a state that you're happy within yourself is a process that can be enjoyable and fruitful.  It should be a journey where you learn more about yourself, how your body works, what foods promote well being and good health (from the perspectives of digestion, nutrition & body shaping) and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle!  

Our transformation or lifestyle coaching service gives you the ability to be guided through learning the simple habits every day that will holistically offer you a better quality of life, a healthier you for the long term, and a body that you are more comfortable in!

Whether you have a special day, a goal shape or weight that you want to achieve, or just want to learn how to live healthier then this is our service for you.

Stage Package Coaching

Already have a coach but want to make sure the judges notice all that hard work?

We can ensure your stage presence is unmissable! 

Countless times we have been to shows where killer bodies on stage just don't translate to results that do the contestant justice.  Evident months of great preparation so quickly undone by not executing properly when you have the few minutes in the spotlight!  Why would you risk months of preparation, buckets of swear, time & likely lots of dollars by not ensuring you present perfectly when its your time to shine?  We have preferential agreements with many great companies that will ensure all the components of your stage package are flawless.  Combine that with the years of posing experience & latest trends in the industry that we constantly monitor and you can be assured you're giving the best account of yourself when your name is called!  

Coaching available for both men and ladies.

Mindset Coaching

Mindset can be your biggest asset, or your biggest downfall, are you in control of yours?

Learn to be your own biggest help & achieve what you thought impossible.

With a mindset forged through establishing a stellar corporate consulting career before the fitness industry, Alicia understands the importance of head space, motivation & mindset in the pursuit of dreams.  Fitness is no different and too often do people slip into people watching their competition, being distracted by latest trends & fads, fooled by pipe dreams, that they become paralyzed and are no longer moving in the direction of progress.  

Will power & dedication need to be trained with the same intensity and effort as muscles and those too will develop into another element of motivation & drive on your journey.  

We train our clients to progress as people, not just as bodies.