Alicia Gowans

Managing Director & Head Coach

 A prominent figure in the fitness industry.  

Alicia is a global World Beauty Fitness & Fashion (WBFF) Ambassador & Fitness Diva Professional, experienced & certified trainer, and true industry specialist.  Creating fitness professionals to transforming physiques Alicia is a proven expert!

Christos Kyrgios

Director & Trainer

Christos has lived a life constantly around health & fitness.  Discovering the integral part fitness plays in day to day life through his own fat loss transformation, to rigorous involvement in elite professional sports across various disciplines he has gained significant knowledge, experience & passion.

Tahlia Christou

Ally's Angels Brand Ambassador

Tahlia has worked with Alicia over multiple different businesses kindling a passion for helping people achieve their goals & fitness in general!  Tahlia has traveled overseas with Alicia & the team on many international shows and comprises all the qualities it takes to be a member of our amazing family! She is hardworking, real, loyal, has done extremely well so far in what promises to be an amazing & successful career in fitness!

Tasha Mackenzie

Posing Coach & Director

Tasha is a longstanding client of Alicia's.  Tasha is one of our team's most valuable assets and evidence that our programs work!  Under Alicia's guidance, Tash won her prestigious pro-card in the WBFF Bikini Division in her first ever show and is now a much respected industry figure in her own right.