Tahlia Christou - Testimonial

Tahlia has been completely inspired & smashing her fitness goals. Read what Tahlia has to say about training with Alicia below!

What did you struggle with in health and fitness before starting with Alicia?

I was often tired, moody, I had no energy, no sense of direction, and often was depressed and anxious.

Why did I choose to work with Alicia?

Her dedication, honesty and care for her clients drew me in.

She is so genuine and wants to help improve every aspect and quality of life. She looks after her clients like they are her own children and only ever makes sure they are getting the best of everything. She is invaluable and so full of knowledge. 

What is she like to work with?

She is always accessible, she pushes you to do your best and keeps you on track and in a positive frame of mind - she helps you believe that you can do anything. And the results show. 

How has she changed my life?

She has changed me from the inside out. I have learnt so much about my health and myself as a person. I am happier, have more energy and motivation and am more determine then I have ever been. Seeing her once a week is like my therapy! I cannot thank her enough for the changes I have seen in the past few months working with her.

TAHLIA CHRISTOU www.facebook.com/tahlia.christou