Ashleigh Andersen - Testimonial

Ash had a major car accident & was completely off with her fitness & health.  This all changed and now she is back on track!  Learn more below. 

What health & fitness struggles did you have before becoming a client?

My back shoulder and neck was in constant pain. Digestive system was horrible. Holding a lot of guild and my whole body was just completely out of whack. 

Why did you choose to work with Alicia?

I had heard amazing things about her plus I know a girl who is training with her so I saw her results for myself. 

What's it like working with Alicia?

Basically amazing. Apart from seeing results every single session with her the relationship you build with Alicia is nothing short but real and true. She makes you feel beyond confident in all that she recommends and makes your excited for what lays ahead for you. 

How has your life changed since being coached by Alicia?

I have basically no pain anymore and if I do its treated that session and I instantly feel better. I have more energy now and confidence within myself and enjoy my training and eating so much more! And am so excited for what the future holds for me now!!

Ashleigh Andersen