Linda White - Testimonial

Linda is an Australian cycling champion & now a figure champion on a fitness journey - learn more about why she made that change below!

What health & fitness struggles did you have before becoming a client?

None. I had been a competitive road cyclist for nearly 30 years and for most of those years I was a State and Australian Champion in all road cycling categories: time trial, criterium and road race.

Why did you choose to work with Alicia?

Ha! I didn’t. Well actually Alicia signed up at the gym that I part own and manage. On numerous occasions, she would try to convince me to take up body sculpting. Although I barely even knew what it was, I was dead against it. “Going up on stage with next to no clothes on is not something I do, besides I don’t even ‘lift’, after all, I am an elite cyclist!”Then one day, Ally cornered me with an offer to sponsor me! At first I thought “No way”. To cut a long story short, I obviously took up the offer and began ‘lifting’ in October 2015.

What's it like working with Alicia?

Alicia has a heart of gold and lives a crazy busy life. I would not dream of pursuing this journey with any other coach. As I have I have told Ally before, I give 100% of myself for her. However, at notime have I ever felt the pressure or expectation of having to win on stage.

How has your life changed since being coached by Alicia?

Alicia has enriched my life with new challenges, experiences and passion. I am so new to this sport, I have so much to learn and improve on, and as strange as this may sound, I really have no idea where this journey is heading. What I do know is that I am only travelling this path with Alicia Gowans.