Ashley Bailey - Testimonial

Ashleigh has completely transformed her body & confidence on our programs in SUCH a short time! Learn more below.

What health & fitness struggles did you have before becoming a client? 

I have always struggled with my weight and nutrition. 

Why did you choose to work with Alicia? 

I was recommended Alicia by a close friend who was a client.  From our first meeting I knew she was the coach for me. 

What's it like working with Alicia? 

It's about reaching potential you didn't know you could. It's about the results you achieve which are astonishing. It's the knowledge you gain from her, it will truly change your life. 

How has your life changed since being coached by Alicia? 

I can't thank her enough for what she has done with me. Alicia has changed my life and been the most influential person in my life to date. So much love and respect for Alicia.