Jovanni Williams - Testimonial

Jovanni has goals again, clarity again & is progressing to his dreams. Watch Jovanni's testimonial here and find out more below...

 What health & fitness struggles did you have before becoming a client?

For me primarily it was bio-mechanical.  I played many sports and had some niggling injuries, shoulder, back just to name a few.  Doing things before used to aggravate my joints and injuries and instead of pushing through these injuries, Alicia taught me how to correct them and train through them.


Why did you choose to work with Alicia?

She knows more than any of the professional trainers out there and she is a pro for a reason.

What's it like working with Alicia?

It's an amazing thing.  Its about the mental strength that comes with it.  Remember the first time you had ice-cream?  Its as good as that!

How has your life changed since being coached by Alicia?

I have gained more clarity.  I have goals again.  I feel better, I have more energy, I don't just go through the motions now, everything I want is coming true.  She is more like a life coach to me - she gives me that support. I am understood on an academic & personal level.