John Costelloe - Testimonial

Learn about how John has turned from stick figure to Hercules on his fitness journey since coming on board with Ally's Angels & Alphas.


What health & fitness struggles did you have before becoming a client?

I was already a very fit guy and had what I thought was a great body. I did my first competition for a bit of fun and asked Ally for some guidance. Alicia transformed me more than I could imagine in less than a week to a point where I was blown away with the results from my first INBA competition.

Why did you choose to work with Alicia?

The results she was able to get me in such a short amount of time were amazing. People around me have taken notice to the changes I was having. She showed me what I could achieve and what my body was capable of, in just those short 5 days of prep. 

What's it like working with Alicia?

I'm the kind of person that doesn't really like a PT.  I did a lot of research on my own and did a lot of things on my own before I got into training with Ally.  I have had PTs before but training with Ally doesn't feel like its a personal trainer.  It feels like a life coach.  She's not just there to grow your muscles and cut you in lean, but to build your confidence when you doubt yourself, this is something that is very rare in someone. I can't say how great it is, and about how far she has brought me. 

How has your life changed since being coached by Alicia?

She managed to grow my confidence. Grow my quads. Grow my abs.  Grow my lats. Grow my arms. Yeah, the whole lot haha. I am a very ambitious person in the first place, so the confidence she has placed in my hands has helped me exponentially.  Think of a stick figure and then think of Hercules that's how much I have changed.